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Preventing Telecommunication Equipment from entering our Landfills...

Advanced Teletronics Limited is committed to assist all businesses island-wide in handling telecommunication recycling.  Our goal is to help keep all telecom devices off the landfills and provide a positive impact on the environment.

Improperly disposed of telecommunication equipment and other hardware leak toxic metals into the soil, contaminate water supplies, and can wind up costing millions of dollars in fines, cleanup costs, and bad publicity. Storing equipment that will never be used again – often at great expense – is not a good option for any organization.

Advanced Teletronics environmental friendly asset recovery is the responsible solution. By adhering to the strictest standards throughout its system of repairing, remarketing and remanufacturing equipment; that is capable of being upgraded or restored for our clients. Telephone equipment, circuit boards, key service units and communication systems that are unusable are sent to a Secure Environmental Electronic Recycling facility to be recycled.      

After recycling your equipment, you will receive a report of what was recycled along with a certificate of recycling. These documents provide proof that your organization participated in helping to keep our environment safe and clean, as well as protection against potential environment fines.

Advanced Teletronics Limited Asset Recovery Program offers a wide range of services and solutions designed to provide Corporations, Companies and Government Agencies with environmental responsible recovery options; which at the same time maximizes the value from their aging Telecom Equipment. 

These include:


Advanced Buy Back

This program is available to business customers.  It enables
you to sell or exchange used, discarded, excess and even defective telephones and phone systems FOR CA$H.

Advanced Repair or Replacement

We will repair your defective Telecom Equipment or Exchange it for a Refurbished Model in like - new condition, complete and ready to install

Advanced Recycle

We will collect and ensure that telecom equipment is disposed of in a way that complies with environmental regulations 

For recycling services please call (876)622-4698 or e-mail