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All Repairs Includes Refurbishing and
Two Year Limited Warranty

Don’t  throw away Defective, Discolored or
Out of Service Telecommunication Equipment

Advanced Teletronics Repairs & Service LTD
will repair them at a fraction of the replacement cost
with Two Year Warranty

We expertly repair and refurbish:
• Telephones • KSUs • Circuit Boards
• Control Units • Modules • Power Supplies

Advanced Teletronics repair and refurbish department provides a professional diagnostic, repair, and testing of your equipment and, all phones are reconditioned with repainted plastics, new line & handset cords, and new designation tabs.

Advanced Teletronics offers the BEST telephone repair service in the business!

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Plastic Discoloration

Caused by exposure to heat and light overtime.


Caused by dust and dirt.


Repairs get repainted plastics and special spray-on coating to prevent discoloration

Finished Product

Repairs get new replacement handset cords, line cords and button packs.